Pictures from the departure point at Aust of the old ferry that crossed the Severn to Beachley before the Severn Bridge was built. The building is iconic in that Bob Dylan was photographed here in his early days on his way to Newport, the picture was for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Others of the same era have used this ferry to do their stuff in Wales.


Photos taken around the City of Gloucester, mostly the docks. Amost all picturesin this gallery were handheld 5 exposure merged to HDR with Photomatix software.

Stroud & Area

Pictures from Stroud and some of the Villges around .

Woodchester Park

Photos taken in and around Woddchester park in Gloucestershire. These pictures are mostly 5 exposures bracketed together as an HDR image. Also in the park is Woodchester Mansion,an unfinished Gothic style mansion from the 1800,s.It was discovered abandoned with workers tools just left thrown down and wooden scaffolding part erected. Some rooms have been finished but the plan is to stop it falling into further disrepair and hold it as it is so that the construction methods of the time are still visible. Hope to get there this year to take some pictures in the House.